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      Christian Schools in Adelaide....................

      Hi there, my first post so patience appreciated.... unsure of what to expect in Adelaide.

      Moving next year and trying to find out about schools and housing areas.
      OH will be working at the airport so looking south and east.... generally airport down south to flagstaff area and out east towards Stirling (any areas in between that you recommend???) .. am sure we will be limited on our budget though at up to about $500k, but would love some opinions as we really dont know Adelaide. Looking for family area, safe, good transport, good church and green areas. Looking at schools and would love opinion on Emmaus Christian College, Temple Christian College, Sunrise Christian School Marion and The Hills Christian School.
      Thank you so much.
      PS Family will be me and OH and 2 teenagers (1 HS 1 Uni) - leaving 1 behind at Uni :( :( :( :(

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      My son's friend went to Emmaus. His parents thought it catered well for their children. They weren't concerned about the religion. I have met families who have sent their children to Temple. These were religious families and they were happy with it. Perhaps look in person and see which school suits your family's needs.
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