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      hi from zak in guersney

      hi my name is zak, i'm going to be 8 in a couple of weeks, i live in guernsey but only for the next 4 1/2 weeks, we are flying out to Aussie on 16th may. :lol: :D 8)
      i'm a bit nervous about going to a new school but i think i will have a better life out there with more things to do & see, if anyone would like to chat with me that would be great, i would love to make some new friends :D :) :P
      is anyone moving over to adelaide around the same time as me?? :?

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      The Ashtons
      Hi Zak,

      just letting you know i'm already in oz, :?
      it's lovely if your into wildlife there is a lot of wildlife parks in oz,
      i would recemend cleland it is so cool you can hold a kola :)
      i was realy scared about coming and upset about leaving my m8's :(
      but now i'm so happy we came :D

      write mback soon from Billie i'm 10 but we can still be m8's oh and i'm a girl

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      hi billie

      thanx for ur reply, i'm glad you like it in adelaide :D
      what's it like at ur school, did you find it easy to make new friends? :?
      not sure where we're staying when we get there but i'll send you a message so we can meet up somewhere :D 8) :) :lol:

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      The Ashtons
      Hi Zak,

      i have'nt started school yet they only just broke up yestrday, :D
      and yes i have still got a few friends and yes again i would like to meat up with you it will be cool, 8)
      were abouts are you staying let me know so we can arange to meat up 8)

      see ya Billie :P


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