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    Thread: How do my Scottish children make good friends here?

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      Quote Originally Posted by weegie View Post
      Help required urgently!
      My two kids, Finn - age 13/Yr 8 and Amber age 9/yr5, seem to be struggling to make friends here like the ones they left behind in Glasgow. We are in our second year here, in the beautiful suburb of Brighton, and me and my hubby love it, but the kids seem to be quite unhappy, saying they miss their friends. It has become a real issue to get them to go to school (no there's no bullying going on, and they're both doing great academically) and it is causing us major stress :(
      Any advice willingly taken, and if any of you have children of similar ages, perhaps we could meet up...
      Ahh the joyous manipulation of the teen/tweens!! I am a great advocate in manufacturing friendships - i.e. finding out who they might have some relationship with and inviting them over for a really cool play date - multiple times. All it takes is one really good friend to change everything.

      It is interesting as mine were 13, 11 and 5 when we moved here. It was the 5 year old who struggled the most and would have moved back even after 2 years! It took 3 for him to really meet a lovely set of friends who I suspect he will know and like for the rest of his school years. I do find in some schools Australian children aren't as used to different accents of children who have travelled a bit. It's not malicious but they don't make the effort. That's why I've often provided a helping hand... I figure it's the only time I might have a choice to influence so I do my classroom research. Volunteering at school every once in a while (and yes I do work full time so know it's hard) gives me good insight into whether they REALLY have no friends, are using the friendship card for manipulation and provides some insight into who I would LIKE them to be friends with. Good luck. I always say - it's easy to make the move for yourself but when one or more of the wee ones aren't happy it's heart wrenching. That's until I realised that 13 particularly is a very difficult year (and some would say 9 year old girls are the worst!) so it could just as well have happened back home.
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      Hi Michelle

      I've attached pm'd you.

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      We are moving to Adelaide in March 2015 and would love to get our children in contact with others of a similar age who have recently moved countries and may be able to offer them support and friendship. Abbie is 13, Kian is 10 and Jaimie is 8 so similar ages to your children. Would you be interested in them getting in contact with one another? I think it would really help my children to feel more confident about the move. Let me know if you would be interested.



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