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      PEER VEET Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 Tips and old exam papers needed.

      Hi Guys,

      I will be doing my Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 very soon at PEER and was wondering if anyone can help me out with some tips or old exam papers so that I can start preparation.
      Iíve already got my ARTC so this will be my final thing I need.


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      when you book on the course and buy the books you should get a student workbook..... every thing you need is there.. you can start working through it.... the time scale to do the course is the hard part..
      also they will give you tests as you go.... how you do on these test is down to a pass, retest a few questions, retest a section, to sod off you are not a electrician go home!



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