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      Adelaide this time next year...?

      G'day all.

      So I'm also on Poms In Oz, but whatever, I discovered this one by chance so decided if it's all linked up, must be worth it!!

      So. I'm 15, from Berkshire (somewhere secretly hiding away - haha). We've been thinking about emigrating to Australia for a while. So when we decided 'enough is enough' recently we decided it was time to book a holiday to Australia.

      So 17th December this year, we're heading out to holiday on our 'expedition' flying from London, stopping over for a few in Indonesia, then carrying on to Brisbane to see my uncle/auntie on The Gold Cost (Ashmore nr Surfers Paradise) - should be good, except I fear we'll be the roast dinner!

      Or on the barbie. Either way you look at it! Then after about 10 days or so we're heading off on a plane to Sydney to see in 2009! Should be good fun on the harbour bridge!

      After a couple of nights, we're then off on to Adelaide where the real 'exploration' shall take place! We're planning on Adelaide, cos my mum got offered a job there.

      In the meantime, before our holiday comes around, we're applying for our Visas and stuff, so that if we decide to take the plunge, we can return to England for a few months to organise selling the house and packing etc. and head out to Adelaide around this time next year. We're on skills assessment atm, breezing through! Going smoothly. Well on track to have visas by Christmas.

      Should be interesting. I can't wait to see what it's like, I won't feel relaxed about whatever happens until we've seen it 'in the flesh'... then she'll be apples.

      As for me personally, I'm a keen IT enthusiast. Hoping to get a laptop and a good-ish camera to travel around Aus with and make some videos of our ventures Down Under. If I get anything, I'll be sure to pop some of it on YouTube!

      Not only am I a keen enthusiast of IT, I'm also deeply in to music and stuff... like a broad range of things, play guitar (have done for years now) and I like a laugh. When I get to Aus (if) I'll be about 16 going on 17... birthday in July... up for a chat.

      Anyone about the same age as me wanna talk about their Adelaide experiences so far, or how it's going getting there?


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      Hi Luke, my name's Adam. I'm 16 (17 in July), and I've lived here for almost 6 months now. I live in Blackwood (just a few km's south of Adelaide) in the hills. I'd say it is a pretty busy area, but good too as it's the centre for most of the main suburbs in the hills (Belair, Aberfoyle, Coromandel Valley, Eden Hills etc). There's loads of shops and things to do. There is a mall down the road which has the biggest megaplex in the southern hemisphere (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater...outh_Australia), bowling alleys etc so there's nothing short of things to do. The main thing is the beach though. There's loads of good beaches in Adelaide - Southport has great waves, Brighton is quiet and calm, and Glenelg has loads of shops right on the beach front. I actually went surfing for the first time with school on Tuesday and Wednesday which is something I'd never be able to do in England! It's actually really easy! haha.

      I used to be totally addicted to the computer in England (and still am, but less than I was ;)), but here, the weather is perfect for things outside - play basketball, go to the beach. Stuff like that. So beware... you might not be as into it over here. I have just taken up drums and I plan to take lessons very soon - I think I'm getting the hang of it pretty quickly. I'm also learning to drive, (taking my 4th lesson today) which, again, I wouldn't be able to do in the UK yet as I'm only 16.

      Bascially, life has become better over here. During an average week in England I'd: go to school everyday, come back with mammoth amounts of homework, struggle to finish it for the due date, and do it all weekend, leaving me with hardly any free time to do anything. Over here I: go to school (but I go early and finish early on a monday, go home for three hours in the middle of wednesday, and finish early on friday), come home with only a little bit of homework, finish it fairly easily, and have tons of free time to play drums, have driving lessons, and go to the beach or meet up with friends. It's so much more relaxed :)

      Have fun in your search and I'll probably see you when you get over here :)

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      Hey Adam

      Good to hear from you!!

      Sounds like Blackwood is a great place to live!! I'm roasting over here in England at the moment. And being attacked by 'those which I hate' - namely wasps. I really hate them with a passion.

      At least yours are bigger so you can spot and avoid them fairly easily!!

      Can't wait now. Sounds like a good laugh. I'd love to be able to drive. They're changing the laws here fairly soon, but a lot of stuff about the running of England is starting to become a bit 'unreasonable' I think. Raising the driving age is one thing on the horizon, going up to 18 soon.

      But I don't think I get caught out by that, I guess it's probably a good idea to have a car in Australia. I remember my uncle Terry saying that there's big distances between a lot of places Down Under. I remember that he came with his wife here to visit and they went from London to a small town in the North of Yorkshire to visit my great grandparents and stopping at a service station and apparently the guy in Burger King was like "Ohhh really, that's a long way from London to Yorkshire..." and they don't care!

      Funny stuff.

      What sort of music are you into?



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