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    Thread: School performance tables - what stats are available in Australia?

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      School performance tables - what stats are available in Australia?


      In the UK there are a lot of performance tables and statistics available on school results. What statistics are available in Australia? I'm hoping to compare a particular school's results over the last few years and also to get some data on how that school compares to others. Is that data in the public domain in AU does anyone know?


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      There is this site (thanks NicF for the link)


      You can also use this


      and this for primary


      and this for high school


      I don't put much stock in Naplan results as they are tested at various ages and the results are not always a good indication of the school I feel. Some of the loveliest primary schools I looked round had not fared as well as others in the Naplan results table but were fab schools that were well run and I felt were overall nicer, better schools than some I saw that had better Naplan results. Having talked to a number of teachers also and hearing their views on Naplan I must admit made me rethink how I view it also.

      Also bear in mind that many results are for private and state schools and while there are a decent number of state schools higher up the NAPLAN rankings, a great deal of the private schools are topping out (although its a state HS school holding 1st place atm I think).

      And then when I read things like this, I do question how much some teachers are being asked to teach to a programme by their schools to ensure the best Naplan results. Of course, they are teaching other things but the gearing to get good Naplan results does happen.

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      There is definitely some teaching to the tests here but I've found it's not nearly as bad as in the UK. Mostly because the NAPLAN tests are held less than half way through the year so the rest of the year the teachers are free to teach other, non test, stuff.

      I agree with Snifter that there is more to a school than just test results, although being academic myself I do place a fairly high value on test results. You do have to remember though that sometimes good or bad test results are a reflection of the area the school is in rather than the quality of the teachers. Having a look at the results for years 3, 5 and 7 can give a feel for how well the school brings kids on. The myschool.edu.au site is also a good one to look at as this shows how well the school has done in comparison to schools in similar socio economic areas.

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      To fatten a pig you don't weight it every two minutes. Let kids get interested in learning and encourage this rather than pointless teaching to filtered down tests.

      The number of people I know who struggled in Uni because they weren't used to having to think for themselves and were spoon fed exactly what tests would contain is untrue.
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