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      Westminster School

      Ive lived in Adelaide for many years now, but all my education 'history' is in the UK. My husband is an Aussie and was educated in the private catholic system.
      This has made choosing a school for our son quite difficult as we have decided we don't want him to go to a catholic school and we just don't know anyone who sends their kids to our local schools.
      We have enrolled him at Westminster to start at the prep school in 2011 - mainly because we were very impressed when we did the tour and have heard good things about it, also it is close to where we live. However, I feel that even though he isn't due to start for a few years we have left our application too late and there is a high chance he won't get in (we won't find out until next year or the year after!!!!!). If he doesn't get in, he'll then go to either Clapham Primary or Colonel Light Gardens Primary. So, after a long ramble, my questions are:
      1. Did anyone here send their child to Westminster School (starting in Prep), and if so how early did you enrol them to secure a place - and, are you happy with the school?
      2. Does anyone know how good/bad Clapham or CLG primary are?
      Thanks - it seems ages until he starts school as he's not even 3, but its amazing how it suddenly seems to become an important issue.

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      I wouldn't worry, there are very few private schools in Adelaide where you would have had to put your child's name down at birth to get a place at 5. It is probably very likely you will get a place. Perhaps have alook at some of the other schools in the area. St Peters Woodlands at Glenelg is an Anglican R-7 school that some people use before transferring to a larger private school. Immanuel Primary is also well thought of and leads into the senior college.

      A lot of people who are intending to send their kids to private at some stage also use the state primaries for part or all of this stage of education. I should imagine that CLG primary and Clapham primary would be fine, as the areas they are in would mean the majority of the families at the school have the same aims for their children. Why dont you go and have a look at them anyway. Most schools are only too happy to give out info.
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      Personally, I think you will find Westminster's prep/primary school program one of the very best in the state. Clapham and CLG do not have any special repuation, but are in reasonably good areas.


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