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    Thread: Scottish teacher moving in Easter

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      Buzz words is interesting as you will realise once you start TRT (the Aussie word for supply work) - temporary relief teacher; what areas are key focuses for schools here. You could begin researching Play is the Way and Natural Maths. I know my school is a Jolly Phonics school.

      Also are you aware that we have 4 terms throughout the year each approx. 10 weeks long? decd schools start term 1 on 27th January 2015.

      Where are you thinking of residing in Adelaide? Some schools work collectively as a scheme so you sign up with the scheme/area to TRT and they ring you in the morning if they need a TRT. So the school rings the scheme and they source the TRT, once your name is out then they would possibly request you etc. It depends how the schools where you are living etc work. I hope that makes sense.

      I'll gladly help if I can as only now do I feel things make sense; when I first arrived it was sooooo different (obviously!)

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      Excellent. I've used Jolly Phonics before so I'm familiar with that and I think Bounceback is a popular health resource too? Play is always a big thing in schooling especially early years, but it'll be valuae to look up these exact initiatives so thanks! Yes I am aware of the terms roughly and think it may be a learning curve for me - however it seems that education is less interrupted in Australia through the way terms are set so this can only be a good thing for pupils.

      We haven't got a specific area we need to stick to - although that may change with my fiance's job. That's similar to how we work in Scotland, as schools are all accountable to a local council. Do you know which scheme/area phone a lot, or are loyal to teachers? That may seem like a strange question but we have some here that have a good reputation for being loyal to supply teachers and trying to help them out.

      It's just a whole new way of working/living but it's exciting!

      Do you have any plans that I could have a look at to see your level of planning. I know it would be specific to your school but it would still be a good indicator and an interesting read.



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