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      Hello I'm melanie

      Hello I'm melanie, I'm not living in Adelaide yet, my dad has been offered a job there we've sold our house and sent our visa of :oI'm a bit scared I'm only eight and I don't know anyone there will someone tell me whats it's like have you made friends over there

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      hi,melanie i'm jessica. I am eight too. I am moving to Adeladie some time this year. Our house is sold and my dad's visa has been sent to london. We are just waiting for london to say we can go and book our flights
      My mum is australian. We went there on holiday last year. M y mum's family are over there. I have cousin's over there too. here is loads to do in Adeladie. Don't worry you will make good friends over in adeladie. they are friendly.you can get back to me if you want. Jessica


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