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      Windsor Gardens Vocational College

      Does anyone know whether this is a good school or not? My cousin goes there and says its OK but I would like other opinions if they are available before enrolling my 13 year old. Thanks.

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      It's a vocational high school that specialises in getting kids into apprenticeships early while still at school. It is to encourage the kids to stay at school.
      In yr 8 and 9 they study a wide range of the usual subjects and in yr 10 the courses apart from english, maths and science are prevocational type courses such as intro to hospitality, understanding children, outdoor ed and metalwork, CAD, wood tech, plastics electronics.

      From yr 11 they can follow trade or other vocational pathways. There is also a pathway for uni or TAFE entrance but most of the students at this school are aiming for the other vocational pathways.
      Have a look at their website www.wgvc.sa.edu. You can access the context statement there aswell for some background info.

      It really depends how your child feels about school really, if they are already disconnected or academically finds it not for them then schools like this can be good. Perhaps have a look around before making your mind up. At 13, your child could either be in yr 8 or yr 9.
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