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      just been told moving!!

      Hiyu im molly + im 11 my bro is 13, we are hopefully moving to adelaide sometime after october this year. im a bit nervouse about the new school i will be in and i'll be the other side of the world from my friends and my dad :( im a bit worried!

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      Hi molly i am danni (girl) aged 9 & i have just been told that we are leaving for adelaide at the and of june like you i am worried about leaving my friends & family. My best friend Jodi is sad that we are going & we have tried to get her mum to keep me or my mum to take her with us (no joy though!) we see each other every day & i dont know what its going to be like without her (sob, sob) i have a little brother bailey he is 5 & not even bothered about us moving! I have 2 half sisters & a half brother that are staying here (they are all older) but i dont want to leave them behind they say they will visit but what if they dont???????????
      My mum & dad say that it will be a better life but i like my life here!
      well i hope all goes well for you
      write back when you get a chance
      Danni x

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      :D hey thanks for getting bak 2 me im sure we'll both be fine when + if we move. anyway i hear adelaide is a gr8 place! just sooo cool go down the beach for the afternoon after school of suttin! :) 1 bad thing is i dont like aligators if i see any at a zoo or anything else!! :shock:

      laterz from Molly (m8's call me Molza u can too!) 8)

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      I'm Moving To Adelaide On The 21st Of January
      My Mum And Dad Say It Will Be A Better Life Out There Too !
      I Can't Waitt Lol .. I Will Miss My Friends And That But I'll Hopefully Make New Ones
      Youu Shouldn't Worry, You Will Be Fine!
      Hope Everything Goes Ok For Youu :)
      Good Luck! And Dont Worry

      P.s .. If Youu Wnaa Talk Mre Send Me A Message :)




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