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      My names immy and i'm new to the site, i'm twelve and me and my family are moving in november.
      I like riding, sport, and definitely not my brother.


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      Hello kids,

      My daughters will be on line tomorrow and quite happy to talk to any of you, my girls have gone to bed at the moment suffering with with Jet lag as we have just come back from the States yesterday, they have spent quite a bit of time with our families over the summer holidays, our families do not live in Dorset where we live some in Cornwall some in London. Anyway goodbye all

      (Charlotte (12) Natasha (10) Melanie (8)

      their mum

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      Quote Originally Posted by goofy View Post
      Thank you for telling me about the schools in oz ;). Well when are you going to oz? Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have an older sister, Hopefully I will be able to see you in oz.

      :)From Gemma

      I am Already in Oz and I don't have any bros are sis's :( I't spring here now it's getting warmerI love summer

      From Jess

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      the staffords
      hi im emma i joined the site today and i moved here about 3 years ago i am 11 and nearly 12

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      hi peeps how r u
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      hi im sasha and i am going through the same as you charlotte im also 12 andi am moving to adalaid on the 30th september only next week and i would love some advise and a mate!!!!!!please reply :)

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      Heyaz x im Tiffany ive just turned 12 on the 13th of sept i moved to Adelaide on the 18th or August. When we frist came here we were so jet-laged nd also we went and stayed at this horrid place in marino but now we r staying in a holiday rental called Kalabity Jane its wicked!! anyway on the 1st of October we are moving to Hallet cove, luderitz road (or drive i dunno) i can giv lots of advice on Adelaide because i hav been to australia before for 2 yrs we was at Perth and Sydney also Brisbane and now Adelaide!!! i would love to be your friend and a quick question which school do you go 2?? i will be starting school in Hallet cove r-12!

      Tiff xxx (tiffany hehe)

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      hi charlotte wat r u goin threw from tomjoe


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