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      exams help...

      Hi all , just a question if any1 can help me...again (seem 2 be needing lots of help...sorry!!!) my son is 15 at mo at will be sitting his GCSE`s next year. will his results get him into uni in oz or does he need to sit exams over there? hopefully want to be over there asap but worried bout going b4 he sits exams....if they dont count is it worth waiting if any1 is in similar situation or gone through it would love to hear your views....ta v much..sarah..x;)

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      If this link works, it should take you to a thread i started. I'm currently doing my GCSEs and the fantastic people helped me loads and now i understand about education system. There is also a part nearer the end about my sister who will be doing her GCSEs next year, however we're hoping to move before she takes them, so i asked about that.
      Hope it helps
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