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    Thread: School Age and Fees

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      Question School Age and Fees

      Hi All,

      I'm new here so thanks for letting me join.

      There is a chance we can move over to South Australia on a 489 Visa. We have two children aged 6 and 2 and have been told that on this Visa we will have to pay school fees. Would anyone be able to help me with rough costs and also what age children start school? Would I need to pay for both children straight off or will my 2 year old be later starting? Also what are nursery fees like?

      Any info would be much appreciated.
      Thank you :)
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      Welcome to the forum. Unless things have changed recently without me noticing the only school fees you have to pay in South Australia are the ones we all pay. Depending on the primary school this will be around $200 to $400 a year. I just paid $465 but that included an excursion levy as well which should cover most of the school trips and things for the year. Some primary schools you also have to buy books and things but my sons school provide all that. The only thing I have had to buy is a pencil case. I've been conned in to buying a number of other things as well but he didn't need them, he just wanted nicer ones than what the school provide. When we moved my kids started part way through the he year and we were charged a pro rated amount for the period they were at the school.

      Children don't start school here until a bit later than in the UK. Exactly when they will start and what year your 6 year old will be in depends on the month they were born. The school year here runs January to December but the cut off for kids birthdays is 30 April. I believe kids start school in the year they are 5 before 30 April but I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.
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      My grandson has just started kindergarten, age 4 and the fees are around $100 a term for 2.5 days.
      Up until now, he was in Day care, and the fees for that are around $100 per day, but you do receive some of that back, depending on your family income. He will start school next Feb., when he is 5, but there is only one intake a year now, so the age of school starters can vary between 5 and 5.11months.
      My older grandchildren are in yr 1 and yr 3, primary school and their fees were just over $400 this year, plus the cost of an IPAD.

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      My daughter is in day care, the fees are $100 a day, that includes all food and snacks. Everyone is entitled to the child care rebate which is 50 percent off out of pocket costs so we pay $250 a week. Some families also get a percentage of the child care benefit which brings your fees down further but that is dependent on salary etc. So we pay $1000 a month out of pocket costs for child care, roll on January when she starts school lol



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