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      Smile Hi evryone, I need someone to talk to

      Hi evryone i'm not new but I need someone to talk to I'm 10 I'v got 2 sisters, 7 fish and a hamster called luky but we just gave away my cat.I hope I can hear from you soon. From Natasha

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      heya its Tiffany if you go to my thread by me then it tells u more about me. ru goin to Hallet cove then? coz im goin in August nd dont know anyfing about Adelaide either i no stuff about other parts of aus tho lol!

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      Hi, my name is alexandra i am 10 years old i am currently living on the Isle Of Wight but might emmigrate to Adelaide.
      we are going on holiday to Adelaide soon.
      do you still live in Dorset???
      if you do still live in dorset when are you going to emmigrate to Adelaide??
      from Alexandra


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