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      Sorry about that. I am feeling slightly more positive today although still irritated.

      Yesterday had interviews with the other half which was great as it meant he wasn't in work but today he had a call and I didn't. I feel so unloved! I am secondary and he is upper primary. I was told that the vacancies were the other way around but our experience has been quite the contrary. I am about to phone the agency for an update!

      I called Select Education and they have a comprehensive list of requirements. As well as quals/ academic transcripts, teacher registration, DECS clearance, catholic clearance, first aid and mandatory child protection, CV, passport ID photos, and bank details, they also want proof of ID and have rated things for 100 points total. I am so sick of copying docs and getting them certified - that poor JP at Adelaide council offices is going to have to be bought a hot dinner if I go to see him much more!

      I hear that teachers are really in demand. They probably are but god alone knows where. I hope that things will improve once the first aid certificate is done along with DECS but that shouldn't be the problem for the private schools. What I was told alot of yesterday was that I needed to be a practising Christian, with a priest as a reference, in order to become a member of staff. I am not a practising Christian and didn't feel that lying was appropriate.

      Nonetheless I am down but still fighting. I am getting bored of the bureaucracy so am seriously considering different employment options altogether. I have redone the personal statement and CV and am about to do a posting to every agency I can find and all the employers advertising last weekend for anything half decent.

      Any more suggestions from you lovely people would be gratefully received...

      I have heard that the Aussies are "certificate mad" and maybe it is down to the fact that other applicants have all the documents already and they are favoured. When you have DECS and First Aid, it may just tip the balance.
      I have the 100 point list and the document requirement sheet, so we will be coming heavily armed !!
      OH is Roman Catholic, not practising, but it seems a bit harsh to have to be a regular church goer to be considered for staff....!
      What is the teacher profile there? Are they mainly Aussies and do the schools favour "their own" before hiring a Brit?



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      Hi Peter

      I have been told to expect not to be favoured for a position until I have got one, if that makes any sense at all.

      Once I am known within the system then I will find it easier to get work. It is just getting into the system that is harder. The system that operates expects all teachers with DECS approval to have first aid etc. You don't need DECS to work in the catholic schools but clearly there aren't as many of those as state schools. It all takes time that I don't want to wait. That is what it boils down to - I am too impatient.

      I teach religious studies and would have thought that a specialist Christian Studies teacher would be a great asset (not blowing my own trumpet but not alot of teachers out there like having to teach it). Sadly not.

      I rang Switch who said that the info on their website was a little out of date and the positions on it have all gone. Disappointing. But they have renegotiated my area zone upgrading me to CBD Priority in order to get me work. The desperate pleading may have had something to do with it as well.

      Not quite as bad as I was last week. Made a friend while I was making phone calls (another Lisa but she may not be my best friend as another Lisa I know has tea bags and a cutey little girl ;)). So that was a bonus. Also been asked to provide an educational perspective on some work done by a charity so that is an avenue I hadn't considered.

      All in all a better day



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