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      school - what age do they start?

      hi hope someone can help! :? we are moving to Adelaide in June 07 & would like to know more about the "receiption year", our son will be 5 when we get there & we wanted to know the following;
      What age do they start receiption?
      what sort of hours do they attend?
      is this similar to our primary/year 1 in the UK?
      When would he start year 1?
      any advice greatly received!

      thanx steph & neil

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      I only now that both my boys are:
      Year 5 & Year 1

      We are hoping to emigrate by Sept 07. The SA education have said its likely that from Feb 08 both boys may resit the same years, which actually I am happy with. If they are enrolled in school before they break up in Dec 07 they maybe assessed & the school may decide after the Ozzie Summer term to move them up a year. It will depend on what the school think is best for the boys :)

      To be honest, I don't mind either way, the boys stay until the end of Year 7 before they leave for secondary or is it called 'high' school 8)

      Hope this helps a little
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      Hi steph,
      As your son is already 5 he will go into reception straight away. Dependant on Birth date he will either do 3,4, 0r 6 terms in reception.
      reception here is much like UK learning through play but they do seem to do a lot more hands on things and they have a 'buddy class" my kids in year 4 and 6 love this as they get to go to the class of the littlees and they get buddied up. help with reading etc and then of course at playtimes the biggies look out for the littlees. so it works really well.
      Fun times ahead, Its much more relaxed here and the kids just love school. I volunteer at school as well and have learnt so much about the OZ education system.

      Fun Times ahead


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      Schools were also one of our main concerns given that our child is 6 but academically nearer to 10!!! My husband visited Adelaide in March and spent a lot of time looking around and we have decided to send Ben to a private school as they said classes were smaller and more able to help each child individually. This is, of course, our own choice. The one thing Richard did say was that going into the schools and just chatting was the best way to find out whether they were for you or not, everyone was so friendly and nothing is too much trouble!!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by betty22
      Hi steph,
      I volunteer at school as well and have learnt so much about the OZ education system.

      HI Liz

      Was reading through the comments and noticed you volunteer in school. I am employed in England as Special Needs Teaching Assistant but am struggling to find any jobs advertised in Oz. Are the teaching assistants called something different. Do you know if my qualifications in childcare stand in Adelaide, have NVQ 2 and will have 3 when we get there.

      Sorry for all the questions.

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      Teaching assistants here are called SSOs

      I have sent you a PM with in depth info.


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      Hi All

      On the subject of schooling what hours do the kids do at school.

      Mine currently do 8;45 to 3;00 wondered if it is any different is oz

      Ali and co

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      cockney lass
      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      Hi All
      On the subject of schooling what hours do the kids do at school.
      Mine currently do 8;45 to 3;00 wondered if it is any different is oz
      Ali and co
      Hi, My son does 8.55 to 3.15 and is in year 1

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      School term dates are as follows term 1 29/1/07 to 13/4/07 term 2 30/4/07 to 6/7/07 term 3 23/7/07 to 28/9/07 term 4 15/10/07 to 14/12/07 our kids are in year 2 and 3 and will be leaving in the summer holidays uk arriving in australia for term 4. so they will be doing the last part of the school year again. i think its much the same out there as it is here



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