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      School fees

      Hi all,

      We are looking at moving to adelaide around July 09, and was wondering what the costs of school fees would be for a 9 year old and two 6 year olds?

      Also are they paid annually, per term, weekly, etc, etc?

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      melissa and darren
      Hi there

      Take a look at Trinity college in north adelaide, just google it and their website has full breakdown of costs and more importantly for you sibling discounts.

      My Cousins kids are all Trinity educated and it has a very good reputation. I have enrolled my daughter for when we arrive, they cater right from kindy to uni entry.

      Hope this helps.


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      North Adelaide is a suburb, Trinity college is in Gawler, a suburb in the north and it has excellent facilities, is affordable and a good rep. If you mean state schools then you are probably up for abot $800-900 for the three of them while they are in primary, this can be reduced though by only paying the compulsory portion which would be about $200 each. Mine have been out of primary for 2 yrs now so someone will fill you in with more current fees I'm sure.

      If you are looking at private schools then the range is from about $2000 each upto $17000 each per year .
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      My 2 are at primary level and in state school for 4 weeks of tearm 2 and tearms 3&4 it cost us $191 each all in. I think they told us it would be about $225 per year each.

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      All public primary school charge differently. I think there must be a base rate and then they add on for facilities they offer. My 3 kids went to Mawson Lakes Primary for a short while and the fees were higher than any of the other local schools, I cant remember the exact fee, but around the $250 each per year. They now go to a private Christian school that costs around $1250 per term for all 3. For us it has been so worth it, as the education, sport and friendships they have made are priceless!
      Also dont forget that on top of the fees, there are extras to pay: new uniforms (for private schools there is usually a winter uniform, a summer uniform and a sports uniform). Also at our private school (I think other private schools are the same) we have to buy all the kids exercise books/pens/pencils/scissors/glue/dictionary, etc which works out around $350 per year for 3 kids.
      Finally school trips (particularly school camps) are added onto fees too. From experience we paid @$150 for a 3day yr3 trip (public school) and @$150 for a 3day yr4 trip (private school).

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      My eldest daughter goes to a private school in the North East suburbs (Wynn Vale)called Kings Baptist Gramar School, She is in year 9 and I pay $1400 a term, with excursion on top of that. The uniform cost me $660 and I pay a books and stationary fee of $285 for the year.

      My middle one goes to a State primary School in Modbury North (Modbury West Primary), I pay $195 for the year, excursions on top of that around $75 so far this year, uniform is very basic, there are logo'd polo shirts which cost about $22 but as long as its Navy blue or red thats fine. they have to wear a hat all year round.

      My youngest goes to Kindy at Wynn Vale (Keithcott Farm) That costs me $65 a term for four 2 3/4 hour sessions. there are excersions on top usually about $10 each and I pay $10 extra a week for her to stay for lunch on a tuesday.

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