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    Thread: Hi I am Connie

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      Hi I am Connie

      I am nine years old and I have two (annoying) twin sisters who are 11. We are going to move to Adelaide in the middle of August. My mum has promised we can have pet chickens when we move, which might be a bit awkward because our dog Lotty (the craziest springer spaniel) loves chasing birds. (I wonder what she is going to be like with kookaburras).
      This is what my dad looks like :shock: and these are my two identical sisters :evil: :twisted: and this is my mum :oops:

      I am not girly girl I like rock climbing and my dog. This is me I would like to talk to any pom kid that is moving to Adelaide soon.

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      Hiyu im Molly (girl) 11. what are your sisters names? im sure they not that bad lol. :P im sure all will be fine. we're hoping 2 move by the end of october this year :( .
      i have 2 brother's adam/17 he is staying with my dad + jack/13 he's coming to. my brothers are evil :!:
      anyway nice to write to yu like 2 speak again soon bubi

      From Molly :D

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      Hi Molly its Connie's sister Eve and i got a twin sister called Maisie.we are moving to Adelalde in August. Connie drives me mad and I am not :evil: at all :).

      Are you in secondary school yet? I am still in primary. What sort of things do you like doing? I like playing pranks on my sisters.

      I hope to hear from you soon :D

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      :D hiyu (it's molly) im in a junior school (primary is littler kids ent it???)
      anyway i spose brothers + sisters always fight thats why she said yr :twisted:
      (im 11 year 6...7 in september) anyway i'll c yu laterz bubi :lol:

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      Hi Molly its Eve I went to Adelaide in march it was relly nice :).
      What part of England do you live in i live in penwortham

      see you

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      Hey its molly i've never heard of where u live lol :? . i live near northampton im the midlands if u know where that is :?: anyway wats yr sisters like then do they like it there? :roll:

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      Hello connie!!!

      Hello Connie,
      I am called Jessica I am 11 years old and I am in Adelaide now. When you said about getting pet chickens I started laughing hysterically, it just seems such an odd pet to have!!!I would like to get intouch with your sisters (even if they are twisted and annoying) because they are my age. I know someone who is 10 who you can talk to on Poms in Adelaide who likes talking to 9 and 10 year olds. She is really nice as I have met her in person twice she is called Lauren Taylor and has posted a few messages on Poms in Adelaide who people have not replied to and you could reply to them.:o

      from Jessica.

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      I am called Jessica and I live in Adelaide now. I think it is really weird how you live in Penwortham as my mum worked as a teacher at Middleforth school in Penwortham. She is called Mrs Coulthurst if you know her. I am from Preston and I a 11 too. LOL!!!


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      taylor family
      hi connie eve n maisie
      i also come from preston av bin in ad since end of may
      REALLY MISS all my friends in england
      i would love to meet up soon
      from lauren taylor

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      my name is nichole and i am nine 2!
      me, my mum, dad and brother r movin next summer and they promised me that they'd get us dogs.
      i dont want to leave my friends in england and am scarred of those poisonous spiders![=
      im not a girly girl either and i wanted to ask, r dogs hard to take care of cause if they r then i wont be any good!(my hampster ran into the sink and nearly died of mouse poisoining!


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