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      Education out of the city

      Hi everyone,

      I have been offered a placement at Panorama Campus & would like to find out a bit more about any decent schools around that area for my 13 year old son. Will I have to pay as I will be classed as an International Student? Also, if any one is familiar with Panorama or surrounding area for renting purposes as our reckie isn't until October, is it a good place to live or is it worth commuting to Uni from further out of the city. Sue

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      As you are an international student you will have to pay for your son, it's about $9000 a year for a state high school. Panorama campus is not far out of town. About 30 mins on a bus. The local high school Pasadena high is nearby, but it always had a bad rep and the name was changed from Daws Rd High.Blackwood high is much better and the area is just above where the Tafe is so 15 mins in a car and the area is nice, with all amenities.
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      Many thanks for the information. It is always difficult to assess somewhere when you haven't actually visited the place. I will be able to do some homework before our recce in October. Sue

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      Hi there Sue
      I've actually just spoken to someone in the Education Department to get the definitive answer on school fees for your son. Here's what I found out..

      People who are here on TOURIST VISAS have to pay Full International Fees for their dependents in State Primary or High Schools. These are:
      $8,000 for primary
      $9,500 for years 8-10
      $10,500 for years 11-12

      People who are here on STUDENT VISAS fill out a Dependent Application Form (I'll e-mail it to you) and pay HALF International Fees, plus the local fees. These are:
      $3,600 for primary
      $4,500 for the whole of High School (Years 8 through to 12)
      On top of this the 'local fees' are about $300-$500, and there is a 'small admin fee' (that probably varies from school to school)

      People who are on other temporary visas (such as a 457) pay Local Fees only throughout State Primary and High School.

      Hope that helps.

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      Hi Diane,
      Many thanks for emailing the information. I am currently working out our finances pre-Adelaide as I am so used to earning rather than being a student I hardly ever have to think about budgeting!


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