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      Sports Schools

      Hi I'm Jade, I'm 16 and I will be moving to Adelaide in October (at least we hope :v_SPIN:)
      I am really interested in sports and am hoping to go on and become a sports teacher. I have looked at four different school websites but would really like to have some opinions of those that are already in Adelaide. The schools I've looked at are Underdale, Reynalla East, Henley and Wirreanda High School. These all seem to offer various sports programs.

      It would be really great if anyone on PIA could let me know what they think of any of these schools or if you know of any other schools.

      Hope to hear from you guys,

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      blackwood offers netball programme, Adelaide high is big in cricket and rowing, pasadena is basketball.
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      Thank you for replying Rachiegarlo. I'll look into the schools.
      If anyone else has any information on these or other Sports Schools please let me know. Thanks.

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      pm me if u wud like my experience of teaching pe in adelaide as i wont post it publically as it wud only get discredited by the forum heads

      i have experience of working in 3 of the schools you have mentioned and turned down a job at another.....

      depends on what you want to hear really - what i can tell you is what i experienced working in these schools - perhaps better not ;)

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      Hi Jade i'm Chris and i'm 16. When i started looking around for schools on PIA, I was recommended a sports school in one thread, (cant remember the name right now though).
      I'll give you a message in the next few days after i've tried to find it.

      Good luck,
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      Thanks Chris.
      I'll keep an eye out for that message.


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