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      Hi moving to adelaide soon

      Hi Im haz im moving to adelaide in two months now!
      Cant wait !

      but Ive never been to adelaide can anybody tell me what its like over there. Im a dancer i prefer breakdance but i dont mind hip hop or street dance.

      Please reply


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      Hi Haz

      Wish you all the best with your impending move, wish I only had a couple of months to go - unfortunately I can't answer your question as I'm still here and I'm no dancer, wish you all the very best with everything.

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      hi im georgia and my family are thinking of imigrating to oz in 09.we do not know where to go, my parents like adelaide and wollongong.i love hip hop dancing and street dance. I am 11 and live in nottingham and have a sister called madison who is nearly 2 .I want to know what adelaide is like and what there is there xxgeorgia white back

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      hi im ethan me 10 yrs old i like football but i would love 2 learn break danceing
      i am moveing in january but i dont want two go.thats why on on ere 2 see if it is
      gud or not

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      hi haz i dont now what it is like yet but i can soon tell you as i am moving end of september :) :)


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