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      Red face Hello I'm melanie

      im melanie i am 8 and scared to go to oz but I make friends quickly.
      Are house is not sold fully yet are buyers are not nice they are not
      fully buying till middle of next month. My mum and dad relly
      want to get of and going but I dont care I pray
      we go soon.

      Melanie te he

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      hi melanie! im close to your age! im 9 years old. my name is steph! please reply! my house is for sale but hasn't been sold yet

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      Hiyuur Melanie;;

      I am meg and i am 12 years old, and i have been here for almost two years now. You really shouldnt be scared, i was when i was going to come here and you are until your parents find a really good and nice friendship group, when you buy a beautliful house, and when you start schol and find some great bff's .. All of that really isnt hard to do, People who are movin to Oz cudnt pick a betta pace to live than adelaide, sure it duznt have theme parks or celebs or anythin like that, but i recon that places like that are meant for Tourists not for where many people shud be settling down, and calling a home..

      Well Cyuur later Alligator xoxox


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