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      Red face What about my friends?

      Hi I'm natasha, I do want to go to oz but I don't want to miss my friend.When I went back to school(3 days late because holiday)evryone even my teacher though I left because someone told I was going to oz .When I went back to school that very same day we hade a new girl come in and me and my friend looked after her but me and her are best friend now so I don't want to leave her.Me and her are like sisters now. from natasha

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      Im harry im moving to oz in 1 month an a bit , wen im feeling down about that i just look outside wen its raining and then i think wat its gona be in oz.

      P.s wen are you moving
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      Hi Natasha thts wat happened to meet 2 i was off for another 2 days after the holiday because i was ill but when i came back evryone and the teacher said we thought u where in australia. But thts wat evryone says when u say ur gonna go to australia. from tomjoe;):)
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      stop sending messages to everbody! stop being a wally, from your bro!!


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