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    Thread: nikki age 14

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      nikki age 14

      hi i am nikki i am new to this web site and i think i will be moving to adelaide next year sometime

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      Hi Nikki,
      We are hoping to move out to Adelaide in Sept 09 (visa permitting) and my 13 year old son is dreading it! His world is ending. There are so many more opportunities for you guys and once you get over there and make new friends the UK will seem a million miles away. We are travelling to Adelaide next month to look around the area, look at school's etc which should be fun. It is always difficult to leave behind your friends but alot easier to make new ones. I wish you and your family luck with your re-location - we may even be on the same flight!!

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      Hi Nikki, it's only your fear of the unknown that makes you,things will be ok, you will make friends and there is a lot to offer young people here, they have a good lifestyle. Hopefully you will be able to be:).
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