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      Don't want to go to Adelaide

      Hello my name is Ethan, and i am 10 yrs old.

      My hobbies include footy and criket...:)
      i dont want 2 go i'm really popular i have great
      friends i just got my first girl friend
      i would love two surf.

      HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      i have registered so my username is ethanmufc

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      Hi Ethan,
      My son is 13 years old & he too is not looking forward to coming to Adelaide as he does not want to leave his friends behind. He spends alot of his time chatting to his mates via msn so it will not make much difference what sofa he is is sitting on. He plays footie for a local team every week and thinks his world is going to end. In Australia there are so many more opportunities to take part in so many different sports and with the better weather you will be able to spend more time outside with new friends. As for surfing, not much of this is done around the UK in comparison, we surf on holiday in Cornwall but always wear a full wetsuit as the water is soooo cold. There are so many more opportunities, you can also keep in touch with your friends in the UK - if they are true friends they won't forget you however far away you live.

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      to the original poster:

      hey. im not too keen on footy or cricket but i play guitar but unfortunately my band recently broke up :(

      im kinda popular and i will really miss everyone.
      i havent had a boyfriend yet so i dont really know how you feel :P

      i hope you change your mind about moving to Oz. im hopefully going next year....

      reply back


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      Hi Ethan,
      my kids are in the same boat.......but i will try and make you feel a bit better about going to OZ.............................

      Firstly, as a footy player, you know about being part of a team, yaeh? Your family are your team........and you are an important player! Don't forget that bit, it's important..

      Second, you seem outgoing and sensible........even for a Man U fan; i bet you make friends easily; there are loads of UK kids heading to Adelaide at the same time, you might even meet them at school!!...........or at social events, that no doubt, your mum will, like i will my kids, force you to go to!!!

      My daughter10, and 14 year old son are footy players too, and have lots of friends in the uk that they will miss; and like you will need new friends; if you can be friends with EVERTONIANS!!!! My other son is a gamer, really into the xbox,ps3 etc, but also other stuff, he is really shy, so imagine how tough he's gonna find the move..

      I bet you will do just fine!! Even better after i have a word with your parents about the supporting of said club.:)

      Good luck, we'll see you there


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      Well the weather in Adelaide is alot nicer over here but theres ALOT less to do. Everyone at school (Woodcroft College, At Morphett Vale) Tells me to go to Queensland!!! So hope fully one day i will go there :)


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