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      teacher training/inset days

      I am assuming that they have these in Australia.

      Our primary school seems to have loads and always on a friday when I am working. The holiday club does not open on these days so I have to get my mum to look after them or take day off.
      Is it about the same they have about 4-5 days?

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      When my kids were at state primary school, there were about three or four a year. However after school care was always open on these days as is was in the holidays, except it was called vacation care then.Probably because it isn't staffed by teachers. If the teachers go on strike, then the school doesn't actually close, but they have supervision for those who can't go anywhere else. These days usually happened on a Friday or a monday.
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      I've got 1 in private and 1 in state school and we pretty much have 1 training day a term. They are called pupil free days here. As rachel said mostly on a monday or friday, also most state school finish an hour early on the last day of term which again is usually on a friday. After school care is run by a seperate entity to the school and offers before and after school care. They are also open for school holidays and when the school is closed for days off.

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      The school that I teach at has 1 pd (professional development day) on the first day of each term

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      1 day a term generally decided by the teachers at staff meetings (that's how it works at my school). OSHC (out of school hours care) is always available on these days.


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