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      Exclamation Read me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      hi everyone im sasha i am 12 years old and i am moving to adalaid on the 30th of september and would love some naw mates as i am leaving all my old ones behind i would also love some advise and will be happy to give others advise when im there!!!!!!!!!!!!!please reply anyone

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      The Hadleys
      hi sasha

      im also moving to adelaide october time , not sure wether you have already been or not but im sure that you are going to love it. Where will you stay when you get there?? What are your plans?? Let me know and perhaps we could meet up when we're over there.

      By the way im 14 and my name is Amy. I've got a younger sister called zoe who writes on here as well, shes 11.

      Cya, Amy xx

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      Hi Sasha
      We are going out on 16th October, with 2 daughters, 13 & 16,
      will you be at the meet up in Nov?
      Laura x

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      Hi Sasha,

      Get your Mom & Dad along to the meet with you on 15th November, 2pm at Henley Beach. Hopefully there will be loads of new people there with children all looking for friends.

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      Hi Sasha

      I have a daughter who is 11, soon to be 12 in November. Chloe and I (Mum) are living in the Glenelg area. Chloe is ok I think but lacking in friends. Have you settled in ok?


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