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      Thanks every1. i quess i dno what its gunna b like till i get there. lol

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      Hi Rachel, we are moving to Adelaide early Feb, staying in Glenelg for 3 weeks til we find something more permanent nearby, my 14 year old daughter Casey is excited about going but all her friends are really upset. I will see if she will PM you and anyone else on the site of the same kind of age.

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      I was like that too, but after a while you become excited and cant wait till you get there!

      I cant wait!! We'll be moving in feb of this year cos 1 of my parents got a job in the Lyell McEwin hospital in Elizabeth Vale. I wont know anybody when I go so I'm looking 4 some friends

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      i moved out here just over a year ago, i didn't start school for 2 months which made it hard because i wasn't meeting that many people, i don't think i've ever been so excited about going to school. the longer you're here it may be different with other people but i've found that the people you least expect to, keep in touch and the people you expect to, don't. i don't talk to any of my best freinds from the UK anymore not by choice just for the fact they're "too busy" or doing other stuff. but you make new friends and starting a fresh and moving here was the best thing thats happend to me, i've got a job lookin' forward to gettin' my L's got some really nice friends, the only reason i'd go back to england is my family. they're the only thing i miss. i wouldn't ove back now. australia's wayyyy better :)
      if there is anything anyones unsure about though, seriously. you have to think positive.


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      Hiya, This is a post by Azzer Antwell in another thread on here:

      'Hey Im 18 Years old Called Aaron, Was just wondering what sort of things there are doing over there for some one my age, also where the hell do i go to meet friends. when i get there i may not be going to school or college and just worried were would i go to find friends. were not going for another year or so, as soon i we can i hope.

      My Dads in the building trade and step mother is a Metal health nurse, they think its a fantastic opputunity to move to adelaide. I up for it tottally englands not to great bores me i need some excitment and new friends.

      I have 2 brothers Kieron(20) and Leon(15) and 1 sister Nicole(16) and 2 step sisters Sam (18) and Becci(16)

      Im living in england near bristol down in somerset if theres any of u moving down here id like to chat abit please reply to post or send me some mail.

      like to hear from you all '

      Just thought maybe some of you might like to get in touch with him. Or if ur younger (which it seems most are) maybe ask about getting in touch with his brothers or sisters??

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      Quote Originally Posted by katsmajic View Post
      My teens initially refused to come, then told us we were ruining their lives etc by dragging them over here...

      Now, 8mths on they love it here, they do talk to old mates in the uk via bebo/msn maybe once a fortnight, but they have loads of friends here and although theyve gone about things the hard way they really are having a ball here.
      hi there which school do your children go too,sorry im a newbie weve been lookin at seaford too

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      Sorry i didnt see this initially...my teens were in Seaford 6-12 - its a good school, well i rate it! my teens have left now but they got loads of support and did enjoy their time there.
      My littlies are at Moana k-7 primary, they love it there - and i would recommend it.

      Quote Originally Posted by willow1234 View Post
      hi there which school do your children go too,sorry im a newbie weve been lookin at seaford too

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      the dobsons
      hi everyone

      my names adam im 17 and my brother jordan is 16 we have been here 8 weeks and would love to meet some new people we live at tennyson near henley beach

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      Hi ya guys, im the mum!! My kids are 18 (adamant not coming), 16 (got a girlfriend and thinks not coming!), 14 and is sort of looking forward to it and 8. Where are you moving too?? Are there any particular areas that are particularly good for families?? Not too quiet!!


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      how old are u because im 14 and im moving there


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