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      Lightbulb The Long Flight There - Tips'n'Tricks

      We all know that to get to Adelaide it takes a day to get there and we have to go through asia or dubai and then maybe to sydney or melbourne.
      I LOVE flying but when your flying for a whole day it can get boring.
      When i moved to Adelaide (4 wks ago) we flew Etihad Airways business class with a bed so the flight was a breeze for me as i slept for most of it :daydreaming: but if your flying economy being fastened into a chair is not quite as pleasurable.
      So heres a few tips
      1) Keep asking for drinks as flying makes you dehydrated

      2) Keep going to the kitchen for snacks (some airlines have jelly beans and cadburys XD) and keep going and going because the flight attendant gets as bored as you do

      3) Find something you like on the telly (most airlines have the simpsons)

      4) Take a sleeping pill (only if you can swallow them as there horrible)

      5) Walk around the plane often

      6) Read the free magazines :)

      Anyway hope these help


      PS i recommend you fly Virgin Atlantic or Emirates

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      Hi Marshall,

      I was reading your flight tips with interest and I noticed at the bottom of your post you mention that your mum is an Occupational Therapist. This caught my attention as I am also an OT and will be moving to the south side of Adelaide in July of next year with my husband and two kids. I would be interested to know some thoughts from your mum on working as an OT in OZ? Great flight tips by the way, plenty of snacks and drinks should help. But wouldn't it be great to be able to fly down in business class, no such luck for us it will be Cathy Pacific in the cheap seats!!


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      ha ha cathay pacific are great anyway! My moms just on the phone and is aksing if you wouldn't mind gettting in touch? Shes called clare and shes at coventray uni if she could contact you would that be ok? she would love to hear from you.

      Marshall :)



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