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      Azzer Atwell

      Cool Older Teens Talk Here..

      Hey Im 18 Years old Called Aaron, Was just wondering what sort of things there are doing over there for some one my age, also where the hell do i go to meet friends. when i get there i may not be going to school or college and just worried were would i go to find friends. were not going for another year or so, as soon i we can i hope.

      My Dads in the building trade and step mother is a Metal health nurse, they think its a fantastic opputunity to move to adelaide. I up for it tottally englands not to great bores me i need some excitment and new friends.

      I have 2 brothers Kieron(20) and Leon(15) and 1 sister Nicole(16) and 2 step sisters Sam (18) and Becci(16)

      Im living in england near bristol down in somerset if theres any of u moving down here id like to chat abit please reply to post or send me some mail.

      like to hear from you all :jimlad:

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      hi, were going over in feb,my oldest is 17 , like you he says the same ,(i dont think he can face too much time tied to the family) will let you know how we get on,

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      Azzer Atwell
      yeh being the black sheep of the family isnt good =]

      maybe u can set him up to this site this site and get him to write here.

      id like at least one friend when i get there.

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      Hey :) I'm 19 and won't be over there for a few years yet but thought I would say hi anyway lol.

      I would imagine you could contact quite a few people on here. And I guess beaches and stuff are always good places to go to meet new friends, though that depends how confident you are just randomly talking to strangers!!

      I know they do meet ups and stuff, so nearer the time why don't you try posting something in the forum about an older teens meet up or something? Just a suggestion :)


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