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      Talking HIIII! Im new...-__-

      Hey, My name's Casey, Kay for short.
      Im 14 years old and moving to Adelaide in like 2 weeks lol.
      My mum made me go on here...-__-
      ANYWAY Just wondering if there was anyone else round about my age who is in or moving there to and can give me any advice for moving or w/e.
      AND I need some friends who are moving or there aswell so says my mum.
      :Randy-git:<<< Lol.
      Anyway enough of the smilies...
      Scribble back,

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      Hi Kay
      I have 2 daughters, 13 and 16 they will talk to you.
      We have been here since Oct and we came from Stroud!
      PM me if you like
      Laura X

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      Hi Laura
      This is Casey's (Kay's)Mum, Nicky. We arrived in Adelaide yesterday and are staying in Glenelg for 3 weeks until we find a longer term rental, don't know where yet! Any chance of begging your girls to email Casey as both the kids are driving me mad! our email is adriannicky117@hotmail.com
      Casey can give her own email out when she wants to as she doesn't know yet that I am writing this. She misses her friends a lot and doesn't like it here yet! We only visited Perth for 2 weeks but stayed with relatives which was a bit of a nightmare so I don't blame her at the moment!
      Nicky Tanner

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      Hill Billy
      hello , ive been over here for abit , i live in hallett cove so if you wna chat more send us your msn ,okai, thanks


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