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      The Ashtons
      Hi Emma,

      It was really scary in the water but at least i tried, but the best bit was watching from the boat as i saw more Dolphins than my Dad did in the water.
      It was soooo cool.

      We went to Port Adelaide and went on the boat trip there and saw lots of Dolphins there too, and the boat was better.

      The houses we saw were really cool and they all had really great pools Mum said all being well we can have one with a pool 8) 8) 8)

      Write back soon Billie

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      helooo sammy :D
      yer i want a pool in my house 8) lol
      when are you moving out there??

      luv paige x

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      hi billy

      emma here :!: where did you see those houses :?: :!: We did'nt find anny like that :!: we just found grubby ones :!: we found one nice one on a hill side near to the wild life park :mrgreen: but it wasen't for sale :oops: Did you hold any koalas :?: i did :!: there so cute :shock:

      :D :lol: 8) bye 8) :lol: :D

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      hi billie

      emma here :mrgreen: where did you see those houses :o :!: :?: we didn't see any like that :!: we just sw grubby old ones :!: did you hold any kolas :?: i did :!: i held one called dot :!: there so cute :!:

      :D :lol: 8) bye :lol: :D

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      hi im georgia i am new to this site and i have a sister but she is 1 .i am moving sometime next year.where in adelaide are u moving to.hope to hear from u soon love georgia

      ps i am ten years old

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      hi paige im georgia and im 10 .i am moving to oz sometime in o8. i am very scared but a bit excited. i dont no if i would go to new south wales or adelaide yet. the hardest thing is to leave your family and friends
      if u could get back to me it would be great
      p.s i am new to this site


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