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      hiya everyone!!!!

      hiya my names paige and i am 13! and i have a sister hu is 10! we are moving to adelaide hopefully by may! Me and my sister are very excited and can not wait to get there! Is anybody else in the same situation as me?? love to hear from you xXx paige xXx :D

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      The Ashtons

      it is all exciting

      Hi paige,
      i'm Billie i'm moving to adelaide in early 2007 : :?
      me mum and dad i've been there 4 a hollday and it was great i saw lots of dolpins
      i don't want to leve my friends though :(
      i will miss them though i hpe i will make new ones like u and ur sis
      i'm also 10 like your sis.

      ps: i cuddled a koala :D
      i fead a kangaroo it ate out of my hand 8)
      i saw a real life cheetah 8) [/img]

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      hiya billie,
      thanx for replyin!! :D
      ooooo i should be moving in may 07 we're just waiting for the house to sell! i cant wait to get out there :D
      I am the same i dont want to leave all of my friends but we will soon make new ones!! :D
      have you got any brothers or sisters??
      ooooo i want to see a koala there soooo cute lol!
      Write back luv :) xXxpaige & ImmogenxXx :)

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      The Ashtons
      hi paige,
      i don't have eany bros or sisters, :(
      i'm a single kid it gets boring, :roll:
      when we gey there i will try and find out were you live so we can be m8s,
      how do you like the shound of that 8)
      i'm hopeing tbe moving there in febuary or march, :lol:

      i might see you i hope i do

      by for now right back from Billie

      ps by the way happy new year :D

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      ste n sasha
      hey billie,
      awwww :( !
      Yeh sounds good! :D
      Wat part of Adelaide are you moving to?
      keep in touch! :D

      Write back soon!! Happy New Year!! :D 8)

      xx xx xx luv paige & immogen xx xx xx

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      The Ashtons
      hi paige,
      we havent quite made our mind up yet on were we are going to live,
      i want to go to port adelaide it's cool i saw dolphins swimming :o
      but it's up to mum and dad but they don't guite know yet :?
      were abouts in adelaide are u going so if u know i can tell my mum and dad and we could go there and become good friends :D
      it's not the biggst city in the world so it's easy to get to peoples house's from were ever you live.
      see u later xxx Billie xxx

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      hiya Billie,
      awwww cool 8) :D
      We havent decided were we are going to live yet but as you said its not the biggest city :D

      Wat did you get for christmas??

      Write back xXx paige xXX :D

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      hi paige and billie
      thomas here, i am 6 years old. my brother usually talks to paige but mum is typing for me now :shock:

      when i went to australia in april i also held a koala, fed an elephant. There was a model crocodile and i went into its mouth :lol: bradley sat on its back :evil:

      i am happy and sad about moving to australia
      :) :(
      because i will miss my friends
      mum thinks we will move out in June or July this year

      did you both have a nice xmas :?: :?:

      see you soon
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      The Ashtons

      hi all

      Hello all u kids out their hope u had a great xmas and your not full of choc yet lol :lol: :lol:

      Santa gave me some great gifts just about everything i asked him 4
      just a few of my faves are: :D
      cella sticker and magnet maker,
      some games 4 nintendo ds,
      dvd's &
      super grafics.

      see ya write back xXxBilliexXx

      ps: i also cuddled a koala theyare so cute arent they tomas. :)
      :) :) :) :) :)

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      hiya billie,
      my xmas was great thanx how was yours??
      Well you must have been good if you got everything you asked 4 :D lol!
      I got a new fone :mrgreen: and a new camera :D

      Write back :mrgreen:
      :D xXx paige xXx :D


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