Hey. Me and my family are moving to Adelaide in feb 09.
What are the schools like?
At the moment I go to a non uniform school so I'm not sure what type of school shoes to get. I see a lot of school girls with black pumps for school shoes, but I'm not sure if they're popular there.

Also, we're thinking of getting a house in the woodville area, so i'l have to go to Woodville Highschool. But they're a special interest Music school, and I dont play an instrument or sing. Would they still accept me cause I really want to go?

p.s Im 15 and a half, and at the moment im in 3rd yr, which is equivalent to yr 9 in adelaide. So far Im only half way through 3rd yr and will not complete it as we will be moving in february. In Ireland , all 3rd yrs do a state examination in june called the Junior Cert. ( I think thats like GCSE) I wont be able to do that and will not receive a diploma or a certificate stating that i have completed the compulsory years of school.
SO when we move in feb would I be put in yr 9 or 10???