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    Thread: Schools for 16 month old (when it is time!) near Marion/Plympton etc area?

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      Schools for 16 month old (when it is time!) near Marion/Plympton etc area?


      We are planning on moving near these areas soon (I am not sure when but in the next few years) and we are very flexible (depending on house prices) with where we live. We are keen gardeners (alright I admit my husband is:)) and would like our child to go to a school that has a garden etc where they tach them about....well nature type things.

      Is there any like that near Marion/Plympton areas?

      Or we would consider other areas of Adelaide if the school is right (and house prices!)


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      I am a little lost

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      Westminster college is a private school for rec to yr 12, which also has an attached montissori kindy. They do agriculture here I think. Forbes primary school in South Plympton used to have a garden. Most schools do some kind of trees for life type seedling raising.
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