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      Good News about Iggy and Jemima

      Dear all

      You may remember my son Alex posted on here to say he was sad that our snake Iggy and rabbit Jemima can't come to Oz with us. Well good news for both - we have found excellent homes for them :)

      Jemima has gone to a lovely girl on Saturday (friends of a friend of mine) who will keep us updated on how she is and Iggy is off to Alex's second cousin, so he will get to see him when he visits.

      I am so relieved that we have crossed another hurdle and happy to know they will be ok when we aren't here. Just the house to go now (oh and visa of course!!)

      Can't waiti to tell Alex after school


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      So glad you're not bringing Iggy here, we have enough snakes and horrible creatures already

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      We had 2 tortoise and my son had a uromastyx lizard (for 7 years). The couple who took the tortoise have given them their own bedroom! and our friend took the lizard as he has had lizards for years. All doing well. The kids are happy - we get regular updates.


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