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      After school care

      Looking to move over early next year and we have two boys ( 10 & 8 ). Can any advise us about clubs or school care after 3:15pm on days where both of us may be working ?

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      G'day there,

      Most schools (public & private) will have their own after-school care on campus for parents who work with children needing looking after.

      After school care usually involves a range of activities such as sports, afternoon tea, watching tv, sleeping for the little ones, or painting.

      I'm not sure about costs - at a public school the cost would be minimal, at a private school it would be more but there would probably be more on offer for that cost.

      It's common for children to go to after-school care so don't worry about it.

      There are also a range of other clubs that are on offer after school for children, eg specialty ones like "cubs" (kind of like girl guides, but more adventurous, and for young boys). Cubs, for example, has a range of locations in Adelaide, and they can sometimes pick children up from school and take them to the cubs location, and then the parents pick them up from there after their work.

      I'd suggest looking into such clubs when you are in Adelaide.


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      Thanks Elise for your reply. We still don't have anything definite yet - application still in progress - but still hopeful of making it over Feb / Mar 08.


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