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      Annette and Tim

      Smile Schooling for my 4 year old

      We will be emmigrating to Adelaide on 30th April 2009. As you can imagine lots to do. My daughter is 5 in June and has been at school in uk since Jan. Should I be doing anything for her now before I come to get her name down for school in Adelaide. Also is there anything I need to bring with me for when she starts school?

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      She will start in Reception so it doesn't matter really bringing anything as she hasn't been at school very long anyway. There will be no problem with getting her into a school, just have a look at the ones in your area you pick to live in and choose the one that suits you and your family. The Aus kids who turn 5 in June wont be starting school until term 3 at the end of July anyway, so take your time finding a school.
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