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      Question Cost of University Internation Students

      Hi there,

      I've just gone looking at Adelaide university fees and was gobsmacked. As we'll be going over on a SIR 495 visa my son would be classed as an International Student. Here's an example of the fee's....

      2008 Fees for undergraduate programs range from AUD$15,070 to AUD$33,400 per year


      Having a drastic rethink now. He'll be just turned 16 by the time we get there, so he could go to school..how long could he stay there though? if it was till he was 18 then, hopefully, we would just have squeaked permanent residency and then he could go on to Uni or college.

      Is it feasible to stay on at school there till you're 18?

      Thanks for any advice

      Carol Ann

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      He wont be able to get into uni unless hes got a ter mark which is a mark of acheivment in your SACE.this is done in yr11/12. A lot of people leave when they are 18.As for pr.............I believe its not a quick process.

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      He can stay at school until he is 18 but don't forget to take into account that you have to be here for 2 years before applying for PR and this can take months to come through as it is another visa process to go through


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      dont want to alarm you but even if you have PR you have to have citizenship to be able to get HECS.

      My hubby has just completed a post graduate course which luckily his company paid for and his fees as an interbnational student were x3 the normal ammount

      As for PR we submitted our application 5 months ago and are still waiting, its taking longer this time than the original application and we dont even need medicals!!

      Waiting patiently!!
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      Yes, it is feasible to stay at school until your son is 18. Most students finish year 12 when they are late 17, 18 or early 19.

      He could always take a gap year between high school and uni if you haven't got PR yet (gap years are becoming increasingly common and can include working, volunteering or travelling).

      It may be worth investigating whether there are any scholarships available or fee help arrangements available from the Government (where the fees are paid on loan until your son is earning over a certain amount of thousands of dollars each year). There are 10's of thousands of international students studying so there must be some way they are all doing it.



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