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    Thread: School Fees

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      Hi, that cost seems excessive.......................i paid $1300 for the boys(2), and $500 for the baby girl, and i am on a temporary visa! This included the fees, upfront for their school trips, excursions etc.
      Have them check with the DECS people who are very good with support, advice etc.

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      School Fees.

      Right. School fees are incurred subject to the type of visa you are on. Some visas incur fees & some don't. If your child is classed as an International Student you WILL have to pay for them to attend a state school. The fees for South Australia for 2009 are as follows:

      Primary School - $8000 per child per year.
      High School -
      Yr 8-10 - $9500 per child per year
      Yr 10-12 - $10500 per child per year.

      Further information can be found here

      These fees are not to be confused with the Materiels & Books fees levied by individual schools which as the name suggests go towards buying pens, glue, pencil cases etc and are decided by each school. These are currently $200-$300 per child per year.

      Hope this settles it!


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      and if you go private, then the school's fees are added onto the international student fee. For examp....my sons fees were 5000 yr 8, nephew as an internat student were 15000 yr 11
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      What Rachiegarlo added is spot on. What it boils down to is

      be EXTREMELY CAREFUL to check what fees will apply to the visa you intend coming out on. If you make a mistake it could quite easily bankrupt you or land you in court. Or both, of course!

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      hiya, We came over on a SIR 495 which is the old name for the 475 I think (god i hope i'm right) and we do not have to pay international student fees in South Australia. The school took a copy of Aarons visa sticker in his passport when we enroled him. we do pay the other fees mentioned 215 a year, cheers fiona xx


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