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    Thread: Moving 2 Adelaide 3 weeks time

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      Quote Originally Posted by X-Lil-Rach_X View Post
      i have no idea what skl im goin 2 yet, but my cousens are looking at schools for me bacause they live out there. what is your name? age? what part of the process are you... have you got ur vesa yet?
      luv rach X ;)
      Hey rachel:)
      Nope we havent got our visa yet but my moms lkin at skwls
      i'm ashley btw and 14:) Its good u have family out there cause they can tell ya about it:)
      when r u moving???

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      Just thought I'd add - my daughter is 14, we've been here nearly five years. Next week during the school holidays she is taking place in some workshops being held at Flinders Uni - the workshops she is doing include: philosophy, yoga, practical robotics, creating your own video game, photography, mooting (something legal!), creative problem solving, one on horticulture where they learn about how to use good bugs to fight parasites, and one on architecture. She is just back from a week's camp with the Australian Girls' Choir in Melbourne with about 290 other girls aged between about 12 and 18.

      There are some great opportunities here, and of course, when you hang out with your friends, you can go to pool parties, play tennis at their house, or even head down to the beach! Certainly a bit more fun than hanging round shopping malls which her friends back in the UK seem to spend their free time doing!

      Hope you enjoy your new life and get lots of opportunities for fun and adventure!

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      Ok pepz im in adelaide have been here 4 bout 5 days now.. i am slowly getting over my tirdness from the plane ride. can any1 tell me wot high school's r gd in the north east.. me n my parents have moved in to my uncle n aunts house they live in redwood park. we r lookin 4 school's now and hopefully a house. if there is any1 that is round my age (14) that wants to meet up at tea tree plaza or something like that. just let me know. luv rach xxxxx

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      hi... me and my parents are staying with family in redwood park. its nice to have time with my four cousins as i have not seen them for nearly two years. Can u give me the names of any good high schools around this area. i am really looking foward to going to a school to meet new friends but i can be a bit shy. rach xxx

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      ok... i have applied for pedare christian college... (im not a christian) but it looks like a gd school. i will be going into middle school if i et accepted. if your son is 16 he will be in high school.

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      Hi Rach, You don't say whether you want to go to private or public school. Pedare is private, so is Gleeson Colleage, but Golden Grove High School is public, there is also Banksia Park High school, Modbury high, which are both public, all within your area.

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      Can't help with the schools query, sorry, but glad to see you're asking these sort of questions as you plan your new life here. Making a move like this is tough for adults, but I think it must be tougher for a teenager - apart from leaving friends there's the upheaval of different schools and education system etc.

      Good luck with it all.



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