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      On line visa applications

      Can anyone out there tell me if I apply for my 175 visa on-line, can I send all the supporting documents separately by post (skills assessment, passports,etc.) ? Or do they all have to be scanned and sent electronically ?
      Also will my application start date be the date I complete the on-line form, or the date the documents arrive by post in Oz ? It may be important because it's my 35th birthday in three weeks (I lose more points after then for being an old git).

      Please, please, please if anyone knows please help. I've spent a lot of late nights making sure I've got everything in place so I don't want to blow it now on a technicality. .

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      If you apply online you have to send your docs online, you cannot post them. The date of applications starts when you click submit. If you have to post the docs coz you can't attach then you have to do a paper based application. YOu can't mix.



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