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      Pregnancy & 475 Visa

      Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice!?!

      I am 3 months pregnant and my husband, children & I are in the process of applying for a 475 visa. We have been told by our migration expert that we need to tell the visa people that we are pregnant which will probably mean that they put our application on hold. Is this true?? I have read about lots of people entering the country whilst pregnant so not sure why our application would be halted!?!

      The migration expert has also said that the application will be halted until after we have had the baby, by which time some of our medicals & x-rays will be out of date so we'd have to do them all again! (we had some done last year for a different application so still valid at mo!)

      Very confused!!! HELP...

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      Hi - Hope my experience can be of osme help to you. We started to apply for the 475 visa in Jan 2008 and I was 4 months pregnant... My agent said it wouldn't be a problem - it would just mean waiting for the X-rays until the baby was out. So when Flossie wa sborn in May we went and had the medicals done fairly soon after (but long enough to give us a year until we had to be in Australia). I also got Florence's paperwork all sorted - passport (which needs to be done before the meds etc).
      She was added online to our existing online application by our agent. I was a bit worried as when I checked online it was still just showing me, hubby and oldest daughter.. but the agent said our status wouldn't change until a CO had a look at it anyway. So until this point it hadn't even been looked at by a CO.
      I don't think it will hold it up - if a CO hasn't got round to looking at your file yet it should still wait in line with no bother, if they have - they will just contact you and ask you to forward on meds/ID etc when they're done.
      I hope this info I'm giving you is right, it's based on my experience which went smoothly regarding the pregnancy and baby on the visa.
      I think if you come to Aus pregnant (which people on here do) then you add your baby to your visa when it's born here. This might mean a fee again - but certainly shouldn't halt anything??
      Really hope it gets sorted for you. It might be worth ringing around some other agents pretending you've not started th eprocess yet and enquiring to see what the general opinion is?
      Anyway, Good Luck! Alexis


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