I applied for skilled independent visa subclass 175 in April 2008 and due to new changes planned to apply for a state sponsorship and change the visa category to subclass 176.
With the help of you all at forum I managed to get a state sponsorship and thank you very much for the advices and guidance given.
Then I sent a post lodgement enquiry to DIAC saying that I wish my application to be assessed under subclass 176.
Today I received this reply “I can confirm we received and approved your state and territory nomination on the 18/05/2009. Applications for subclass VE 175 are being processed in date lodgement order”
Please can any one clarify this for me? What does this mean? Are they going to assess my visa as a state sponsored one, will the assessing process be expedite?
How can I request the DIAC to assess my application under subclass 176?
I am looking forward for your valuable opinion.