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      Hallet Cove Or Victor Harbour ?

      Hello, its Chris & Louise,
      We have just had our meds and are hoping to be in OZ soon !!
      We have 2 boys aged 13 and 11, is there anyone out there that lives in Victor Harbour or
      Hallet Cove, we like them both but want advice on what there is out there socially, for us and the kids, just want them to be happy

      Louise ..

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      Hi Chris & Louise. Welcome to PIA.

      We are considering getting our medicals done too. Agent said should really wait until they are requested tho.

      Not sure about the areas, but we like the look of them too.:D

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      Hi Louise

      It is worth you having a look when you get here and only you will know if the areas are for you. Victore Harbor has a reputation as being a bit of a retirement town and it is a long way from Adelaide CBD depending where you will be working.

      Hallett Cove is very popular with brits and has some nice areas :D

      There are lots of lovely suburbs here and it is amazing how many people end up settling somewhere completely different to what they thought in the UK

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      I will second what Lisa has said ...but will add, wait til you get here to make up your mind. Nothing is what it looks like in real life and also we are all different so what one person likes another wont.
      Victor Harbour is lovely, but it is an hour from where I am I think, we have been there a good 6 or 7 times so I should be sure, but I am normally looking for roos! We are off again soon to see the whales (when I know there are some there for sure).
      There is all sorts to think about when choosing somwhere to live. Schools, nightlife, transport and most importantly WORK!!
      Good luck

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      Hi Chris and Louise
      Tend to agree with what has been said really. We were very open-minded about locations coming here from the UK and decided to rent near to family initially (Happy Valley) until we decided where we wanted to be. We were very lucky and found a 6mth rental but then we have ended up buying land and building and have had to move into another rental for 12 months because 6mth ones are quite hard to find.
      But during our 6mth rental, we looked around, my husband found some part-time work so we would still get out and about and we visited all the popular areas which are discussed on the forums but made our own mind up - some places we simply drove through and thought not for us, other places we stopped, had a coffee and people watched to see if they looked like our type of people. We were lucky in one sense, because our children are pre-schoolers so did not have that decision to make.
      Victor Harbour is stunning and I would love to live there one day but might be a bit out on a limb for the girls growing up. Hallett Cove is nice, but we decided not for us - too hilly for walking around with a pushchair.
      Good luck with it all, but just keep a very open mind and maybe decide to decide when you are here ...

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      Hi Chris & Louise,
      Can tell you first hand what Hallett Cove is like because we used to live there! It`s a lovely community with a lot of english people there, a little hilly though and very windy!! There are older parts to it which are getting a little tired but i suppose that is the same with every suburb.
      The schools are fine and my husbands parents still live there now!
      The facilities are numerous the only thing i could say is that it seems there are not a lot of things for young kids to do, they would have to go out of the suburb!!
      Victor Harbour is lovely but this is my opinion a long way from anything-pretty coastal town but i suppose it depends what you are looking for & what you are used to!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!


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