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It pretty much stinks, that us, and probably a lot more people out there have paid to MB a basic 95 (or such like) to have a standard letter or two sent out from the MB and then another postal charge which varied from free to 80 added on to receive our own documents back. You are a lot more clued up than us but the more we read about the goings on, the more sickened we become. T

Hi Polo

I can understand only too well how you and others feel about MB's shenanigans.

According to the user known as johnnyt on the British Expats thread, MB's staff have absolutely no pride in their work. Please see the last couple of pages of the thread:


Do they keep their own active files in a similar mess, one wonders?

I shudder on behalf of the people who have agreed to let MB act for them from now on. The wise bunnies are the ones who have said "NO" to that invitation.

Anybody in the future who thinks of using MB will think twice after reading the threads on here, on Poms in Oz and on British Expats, though.

I also think that every client who has been held to ransom should make a formal complaint to the MARA so that they will be forced to investigate the matter.

Best wishes