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      darren alley

      diac/state form 1100

      Can anybody please help? our migration agent recently went in to administration and left us some what in limbo. i have received my state sponsership and my visa app has been submitted. however DIAC does not appear to have received my state nomination. now when requesting a form 1100 from SA you have to enter your TRN No: which i have got , also you have to enter your DIAC visa ref, now is this the visa number you are applying for i.e: 475 GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION.

      I am sorry if this sounds a little confused but it i not as confused as me.

      please any help will be greatly appreceiated.

      thanking you


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      If you have any corespondence from your case officer this number will be on the email or paperwork it starts with BCC, if you haven't got a case officer I would suggest that you just put down your TRN number your passport number and date of birth like you would if you were checking the status of your application.
      Hope this helps, Fiona


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