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Hi I have been following this website since 2008 though I am not a British myself. I hope I will be welcomed :)

First of all, congrats to The Dimmocks and those who have received the state sponsorship. I have received it too since early May and I am about to lodge the VISA application however I am unclear about certain conditions and I hope if some of you could assist...

I am the main applicant for the 475 visa and the application also included my wife and my 14-mth old baby. I understand that I am required to work and live in Regional Australia (South Australia) for at least 2 years out of 3 years. However, what about my wife and baby? Are they required to work and live with me in Regional Australia as well? Or just me is required as I am the main applicant? The reason why I am asking is that I want to leave my wife to continue working until I am fully settle down in oz.

Would like to know if any of you come across that situation yourself. I am asking my agent too and I am waiting for his reply.

Thanks heaps.

I am pretty sure everyone on the visa has to live in SA for 2 years, and on a 475 you will only have a limited time to enter Australia, and meet the requirements so you may have to change your plans if you want to play it safe.