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      the dobsons

      job situation for the kids

      hi all
      i didnt know where to stick this one so here goes for all the teenages and parents alike!

      i was worried about the job situation for my two boys who are 16 and 17 before we came as we always said that part of the reason for coming here was to give them a better life.
      they want to be car mechanics and spray painters and could get nothing in england , we have been here 8 weeks now and both have been given full apprenterships with the motor trade association who also find you placements near to where you live and you get paid about $260 per week in your first year.

      so if anyones worried the younger ones are tret much better here than in the uk.

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      They do have better programmes for apprentices over here.

      I am waiting for the pits to open then i can send them down their to own a crust.


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